World of Warcraft – What Are Island Expeditions

Island Expeditions are a new feature introduced in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth. They are related to the new artifact item, the Heart of Azeroth. Expeditions are a way of obtaining a large amount of azerite which is needed to upgrade the artifact. Just like in Legion, this new artifact power called azerite can be obtained from almost any activity but the amount greatly differs. The most profitable way is to do expeditions.

Island expeditions are unlocked by doing a quest. Players will start an expedition by queuing for it from an NPC in their faction city in Battle for Azeroth. An expedition is basically a three-man scenario. It has four difficulties. There are three difficulties for PvE and one for PvP. The difficulties for PvE are normal, heroic, and mythic. A certain World of Warcraft item level is needed for each difficulty. The rewards are also better on higher difficulties. For PvP expeditions, players need to be in a three-man team. Successfully completing a number of expeditions will reward players with azerite. There is a weekly quest to be completed. The base reward is 2500 azerite but players can also get bonuses depending on difficulty. Players are advised to complete this quest every week.

The goal of an expedition is to gather a certain amount of azerite faster than the enemy team. It’s a race between teams from opposite factions. Players will gather azerite by mining it from nodes on the map, by picking up certain objects, and by defeating monsters and enemies from the opposite faction. In PvE expeditions, players of different factions don’t actually interact but instead, they fight against mobs with player abilities which are pretty hard to take down. In PvP difficulty, players can engage in combat. PvP talents are also active in this mode. Players will also get a special island currency that they can use to buy consumables from the ship before the scenario begins. These consumables buff stats and can be used only during expeditions. There are currently seven islands available.