The FIFA 19 Novelties

On September 28, the world witnessed the launch of FIFA 19. The most anticipated football game of the year and for this version brought great news due to the acquisition of licenses, changes in the gameplay and new game modes.

Two weeks after its arrival in the market, after exploring its different features and more, compiled the five great novelties that this new version delivered.

The UEFA Champions League
The followers of this saga had been acclaiming the presence of the highest club competition in Europe for years. For FIFA 19, EA Sports announced with great fanfare the acquisition of the UEFA Champions League and Europa League licenses. In addition, in each of the matches the popular anthem of this competition sounds, the atmosphere of the game allows the players to enter, live the experience and get fut 19 coins.

The UEFA Champions League is available in different game modes. In career mode the clubs that qualify to the competition can access it from their group stage, in the case of ‘The journey’ if Alex is playing in any of the participating clubs may also do so.

It is important to note that the Ultimate Team was the launching of a series of special cards with all players competing in the competition.

Division Rivals
In Ultimate Team, a transformation of the online division mode competition was urgently needed. For this FIFA 19, EA Sports in addition to making this version much more competitive, the rewards are better. The idea is to play as many games as possible so that the final result is better.

The rewards can vary depending on the weekly location that is achieved and those that the player selects. There are coins, special envelopes, fifa 19 players and points to qualify for Fut Champions.