NHL 22: Superstar X-Factor

Superstar X-Factors are powerful abilities that can change the course of the game. In NHL 22, there will be two tiers of Superstar X-Factor abilities according to the developers: game-changing Zone abilities and enhanced Superstar abilities. The first type of X-Factor ability is granted to each player, while the enhanced superstar abilities are granted as secondary skills. These abilities are inspired by some of the best players in the league and cover various game compartments and positions. Let’s breakdown each Superstar X-Factor ability.

The skating abilities are four in number:

  • Wheels removes penalties the player occurs when skating with the puck;
  • Elite Edges greatly increases your ability to make turns without effort;
  • Ankle Breaker will let you run past your opponents without any penalty;
  • In Reverse let’s you skate backwards without penalty.

The shooting abilities are:

  • Make it Snappy which improves the power and accuracy of snap shots;
  • Shnipe makes your shots easier after settling;
  • One Tee improves the power and accuracy on one-time shots;
  • Thunderclap improves the power and accuracy on slap shots;
  • Heatseeker improves the power and accuracy on wrist and snap shots from the point;
  • Beauty Backhand improves the power and accuracy for backhand shots;
  • Shock and Awe improves your power and accuracy after a successful deke.

Let’s talk about the passing abilities:

  • Tape to Tape greatly improves the passes within your vision;
  • Send It increases pass assist as well as your ability to auto saucer long distance passes;
  • Magnetic makes you better at receiving the puck even after a bad pass;
  • Third Eye removes blind spots when making a pass.

The defending abilities are:

  • Yoink increases your stick lift success rate;
  • Stick’em Up improves the success rate of the defensive skill stick;
  • Shutdown increases your defensive abilities in 1 v 1 situations.

The goal tending abilities are:

  • Contortionist increases your goalie’s save range, recovery as well as his ability;
  • All of Nothing improves your goalie’s poke checks in front of the goal;
  • Dialed In activates after 15 saves and boosts the goalie’s reaction time, recovery and save ability until the end of the game;
  • Post to Post improves the goalie’s abilities in post to post situations.

Finally, there are seven Hockey IQ abilities that we will cover in a future article. You can buy HUT coins at the best prices on U7buy to build your ultimate team.