NBA Live Mobile – My Team mode in Season 2

My Team is one of the NBA Live Mobile features that was significantly changed in Season 2. This is still the game mode that allows team management but it has new systems like training and an overhauled lineup system. Players will open the My Team menu by tapping the My Team button on the home screen or by selecting My Team from the side panel menu.

Players will notice that two lineups are available: classic and NBA. The old system with five lineups is not part of the game anymore. So basically, players have two different teams. Both teams are similar in structure, management, features, and use. The only thing that is different is team composition. As it is expected, each team has its own players. NBA Live Mobile Season 2 introduced new players that can be assigned either to a classic or to an NBA lineup. There are a few players that can be part of any lineup but those are pretty rare and obtained from special events. Most of the times, users will work with player cards that can only be part of one lineup. Ten players are part of a team but only five are active. The other players are on the bench and even though they are not used in matches their OVR still has some influence.

A team has an OVR that is determined by the OVR of the players that are part of it. One new My Team feature is the introduction of coaches. These are cards similar to player cards. A coach card has skill boosts and a coaching style. Each team has a coach that will improve the performance of the players that are part of it. The OVR of the players on the bench also matters for the rewards boost. Coaches don’t have an OVR. Just like in Season 1, players goal is to have the highest OVR players in their teams. If a card with better OVR is obtained, NBA Live Mobile informs players that a team upgrade is possible so they don’t need to worry about forgetting to upgrade their teams. For nba live mobile playing,the guide are very important, but the nba live mobile coins are also playing important role,as the game currency can be used to buy the better player, to strong your team, and then to win more games.