NBA 2K21 – Discover The Four Affiliations Of The City


NBA 2K21 The City is the next-gen version of The Neighborhood. It’s the players’ hub and it comes with many new features. Affiliations are among the additions. These are factions that players can join. It was one of the most requested features so the developers have listened to the community requests and introduced affiliation-based gameplay. This is a feature that was in previous NBA 2K game versions. Many veterans are glad to see it brought back and new players are excited to try it. Affiliations make the game more competitive but also more fun. You will get acquainted with the affiliations in Rookieville.

This is the starting area for new players. It’s the first area before you enter The City. Players will need to play some matches and get the Pro 1 rep level. After that, they get assigned to one affiliation. The four affiliations are Western Wildcats, South City Vipers, North Side Knights, and Beasts of the East. If you don’t get assigned to your preferred affiliation, you can take matters into your own hands by submitting a transfer request to the City Hall of your desired affiliation. You will join the affiliation you want but your reputation will suffer as you will be demoted to Pro 1 level.

The four affiliations are ever competing. There is no rest from the struggle of getting ahead of the players from other factions. Players get the reputation as they play games on their affiliation’s courts. MyPlayer is free to play games wherever he likes, but the rep gain on your affiliation’s courts is better. It’s advisable to gain full player rep so you can be prepared for new challenges. Rival Day Conquest is a recurring event that decides which affiliation runs The City.

During the event, you can gain reputation anywhere in the City. Players will team up and play games on enemy courts. Each court has a leaderboard. At the end of the event, the leaderboard will decide what happens on Rival Day Championship. Head to the Event Center to take part in this competition. Players will engage in head to head games with enemy teams. The winners bring glory to their affiliation and nice prizes for themselves. Go to your affiliation city hall to claim your VC prize. Enjoy the victory while it lasts and gets ready for the next Rival Day event.

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(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)