NBA 2K18 – What you need to know about the Collective Bargaining Agreement

NBA 2K18 has features and systems that make it the most realistic basketball simulation game. This concerns the gameplay on the court but also elements such as the Collective Bargaining Agreement. This is also known as CBA and it’s the contract between the NBA and the Players Union. Rules of this contract are implemented in game. When players will start modes like MyLeague and MyGM, they will become familiar with this feature. This is one of the game’s features that is revised each year to stay up to date with the changes from the real NBA.

Three new types of contracts are added: veteran contracts, designated veteran, and rookie scale extensions. Players also know these as super max contracts. The rookie scale gets a 45% increase and the contracts will be changed to adapt to this increase. Another amount that is increased by 45% is the one that regards the minimum salary received over a period of 12 months. Those players that have “bird rights” get an 8% yearly increase while the others get 5%. The mid level exception or the MLE gets an increase as well. Compared to the 2011 agreement, this will be 45% higher. From now on, the maximum salary is determined based on the salary cap. The over-38 rule has been introduced. This will affect basketball players that become 38 over the duration of their contract. The stretch provision is a new rule that prevents teams from reacquiring players waived with stretch provision until the first of July. The minimum number of players for a team has increased to 14 from 13.

Other changes concern features like the G League integration, two-way contracts, free agent moratorium, and the draft and stash. Veteran NBA 2K players might be familiar with a feature called D League. This has now transformed into G League. Managers can send NBA players who are not getting that much on court experience to play in the G League. All these features allow players to experience all the ins and outs of an NBA manager career.