Inches Decide! “_Neo_” Wins Madden NFL 19 German Masters

“_Neo_” Braisler won the Madden NFL 19 German Masters. The Würzburger grabbed the trophy and the trip to the Pro Bowl.

Almost it would have become really tight for him again.

Statistical disadvantage
Statistically speaking before the final all spoke for “Sian789”. The Meckenbacher, who competed with the Atlanta Falcons scored 209 points on his way to the final, but allowed only 46 to. His rival was astonished: “_Neo_” came with his Patriots on a statistic of 148: 78 points.

Decisive factor in the final was the offline aspect. All previous games had taken place online. Now, however, the two participants sat on a stage opposite, while cameras were focused on themselves. In addition, the Best of 5 series was distributed over two days and played in the hometowns of the two finalists. This was particularly evident in Meckenbach, where the audience made a lot of noise for his favorite.

Patriots submit
However, the first two games of the series took place in Würzburg. The advantage was therefore with Braisler and the fan support was on his side. That paid off: he won the first game 13: 3. His defense was safe and stopped “Sian789” several times just before the end zone. The second encounter was already better from the point of view of Brumm. He scored two touchdowns as well as a field goal. Nonetheless, “_Neo_” won 20:17 which increased his lead to 2: 0.

Fortunately for “Sian789” it was called after location change. The two players left Würzburg behind and met again in Meckenbach, the home of Brumm. In the small town in Rhineland-Palatinate “Sian789” had the fans on his side. Numerous friends were present and fired vigorously. This had an effect: “_Neo_” suddenly ran out of steam and “Sian789” played better and better. Consequently, the third game of the series ended in a 24: 3 victory of Brumm’s Falcons.

Inches are missing
In the fourth game, “_Neo_” returned to his quiet style of play. “Sian789” was difficult to score and after three quarters it was just 10: 7 from the perspective of “_Neo_”. She later managed even a Fiel Goal to six points lead. “Sian789” remained as a result of only one attack and ended almost in a touchdown. A few inches before the enemy end zone, he had four attempts to carry the ball to luck. He tried again and again, choosing different moves, but each time Braisler’s defense stopped.

That was the end of the game and “_Neo_” was the winner of the Madden NFL 19 German Masters. Visibly satisfied, he accepted the trophy. His rival thanked the fans and said: “I think it could hardly be any closer.” Do you want to become a master of nfl, buy NFL 19 coins cheap and play now.