Handicap Returned to FIFA 19 as Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment

Electronic Arts patents that have a couple of years of experience in a dynamic adjustment system of difficulty have come to light. This system is defined as “a technique to change a game adaptively to make it easier or more difficult”. FIFA 19 users have not been slow to add fuel to the fire, ensuring that this system is being used in the game, especially in online matches to make teams with worse FIFA 19 players have certain aids to match the best teams, which is popularly known as the “handicap”.

The description of the dynamic adjustment of difficulty, whose acronym is DDA, sheds more light on how it works: “A common paradigm for achieving ADD is through heuristic prediction and intervention, adjusting the difficulty of the game once states are observed. of undesirable players (for example, boredom or frustration). Without quantitative objectives, it is impossible to optimize the strength of the intervention and achieve the best efficiency “. The main objective of this system is to “maximize the user’s enjoyment throughout the game”, adding the following practical examples:

Some other unlimited examples of features of the game that can be modified, which may or may not be detectable by the user, may include providing additional speed to a game character, improving the accuracy of a character’s game release, improving distance or height at which the character of the game can jump, adjust the responsiveness of the controls, and things like that.

In some cases, the adjustments may additionally or alternatively include the reduction of a character’s ability in the game rather than improving the character’s ability in the game. For example, the character in the game may be faster, but with less accuracy of shooting.