FIFA 21 Career Mode Has A New Match Launcher And Active Training System

FIFA 21 Career Mode is coming with several new features. A new match launcher and active training system are among them. The new match launcher gives players three options. The first option, play match, allows them to start the game in the usual way. The Sim match option will load the interactive match sim.

You can use quick Sim to immediately see the end of the game. You will also see details that will help you make decisions before starting a game. The active squad sheet will have the probable opponent composition next to it. You can start the games faster with the automatic kit selection. Match settings are here as well.

The new active training system goes hand in hand with the development plans that center on the attribute development of players. This new training feature comes with the possibility of choosing a training day. You can have training days in any day that don’t have a game.

A training day has three sessions. Each session covers a drill for specific players. Up to 15 players can take part in a drill. Multiple drills are part of a session. The drills will help your players improve their dribbling, defense, passing, or set pieces. The active team sheet gives suggestions for drills on training days. You can also modify this preset according to your needs.

When you modify the team sheet you will unlock two other options. You can update the drill and the players that will take part in that training day. This will give you the ability to train new sets of footballers. When you train, you consume fitness. This is determined by the difficulty of the drill. A challenging drill will consume more fitness, but you will get more sharpness from it.

You get maximum sharpness when you get the highest grade. You get this grade when you play or simulate a drill. The result of the drill does not influence how much fitness you consume. Players can choose the difficulty of their drills. They can go for an easier drill they can easily complete for maximum sharpness or opt for a challenging one that can give them a high grade.

How much sharpness you get also depends on how many players are part of the drill. Fewer players will result in more sharpness per player, but more players will result in more players with sharpness. You also get a drill rating depending on how many points you get in a training session. Drill simulations give you the grade that you achieved when you play it. The default grade is D.

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(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)