FIFA 20 PS4 Challenger

PlayStation has announced a new FIFA 20 championship that can be played from any PS4 thanks to the Tournaments tab of the console’s own menu. In this way, any user who wants to can demonstrate their skills with the controls from their own home and with many facilities. FIFA 20 Challenger Series starts today November 11 and all players of the title can participate, whatever your level of experience with the title and totally free of charge.



PS4 tournaments: Challenger Series is organized in seasons, so that it gives the player multiple opportunities to compete. At the beginning of each one, the participants will be divided into groups according to their skill level and will face each other through different phases until they are eliminated, but having the possibility of competing again at the beginning of the following season.


Competition Phases

Each season has three phases of competition. All players start in the first and, to move to the second, they must win 3 of 4 matches; a mechanism that offers participants more opportunities to progress than the “direct elimination” format. In the second phase the level of competition will be higher and it will be necessary to win all the matches to be able to pass to the final phase. In this third and last one, only the best players will face each other to decide who wins the championship title.



As players advance through the phases of the competition, the prizes they choose will be of greater value: from dynamic and exclusive PlayStation 4 themes, to cash prizes, through tickets to UEFA Champions League matches or currency of the FIFA 20 game. In order to start competing, users must access the “Tournaments” area in the “Events” tab of PlayStation 4. There they will find the PS4 Tournaments competition: FIFA 20 Challenger Series.



Will you participate?

There are many opportunities to win. That is, yes, we know, we will face the best players in Europe, but there is also a good opportunity to polish our gameplay and defeat the opponents.

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(Contributed by Salazar.Cien)