FIFA 20 Controller Settings – Right Stick Switching, Jockey Assistance, and Pass Block Assistance

You might have noticed that FIFA 20 has some new controller settings. The controller configuration is important so you need to find the optimal setup in order to win games and to get rewards. Developers added more options to give players more ways to customize their game experience. But before enabling the new options, you need to know what they actually mean. The right stick switching is a new option. It has two settings: player relative and ball relative.

The default setting is player relative. This means that the player you are currently controlling is the reference for the switch action that follows with the right stick. Think of the player as the midpoint of the right stick and visualize the direction taking this point as a reference. The other setting is called ball relative. This means that the ball replaces the player as the point of reference. View the ball as the middle point and visualize the directions in reference to it. Jockey Assistance is another new controller option. The two settings are assisted and manual. The default setting is assisted. This means that in situations such as jockey with a player, the player will try to reduce speed if you are close to running past the player that is attacking. This option will make it easier for you to keep a close distance to the player you want to mark. The manual setting gives you total control over the player. The speed will not adjust so it’s up to you to make these changes.

Pass Block Assistance was in the game before but it got updated. This is another option with two settings. The on setting is the default one. If this setting is enabled, you will notice that the player you are controlling will try to block and intercept passes that come into its range. The other players in your team will behave in the same way. Use this option carefully as you can trigger unplanned defensive situations. If you like to have control over the defense then you should put off this option. When this option is off, you will block manually but computer-controlled teammates will still do blocks and interceptions.

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