Elder Scrolls Online – Scalebreaker DLC Preview

Scalebreaker is the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online DLC. This is a dungeon DLC that contains two new dungeons. There will be no quests or zones, apart from those related to the dungeons of course, but that doesn’t mean that the new DLC is not related to the Elder Scrolls Online story. Scalebreaker is part of the Year of the Dragon. It continues the story that began in Elsweyr. For a better understanding of the story, it’s recommended to complete the Elsweyr main story before doing the two dungeons.

Moongrave Fane is a ruin but it’s far from being deserted. A former Dragonguard member and vampires from the Hollowfang Clan have taken control of this place. They also did another thing. They trapped a dragon and they have big plans with it. They are not happy with just killing the dragon. They are planing a ritual to take the blood of the defeated dragon and infuse themselves with it. They must be stopped before they complete the plan, else they become too powerful.

The other dungeon is called the Lair of Maarselok. It involves a dragon as well. Grahtwood is an area that can be found next to Elsweyr. Unfortunately, things are not great here. The Elden Root tree has almost fallen to corruption. The threat comes from the jungle of Tenmar. This is where the Lair of Maarselok is located. Selene the forest fairy has reached an agreement with Carindon the warlock. The players will work with them to stop the corruption.

These two are normal four-man PvE dungeons that can be completed on normal, veteran, and veteran hard mode. The rewards include some item sets and collectible items. Players will get new furnishings for their homes. Mementos are also part of the reward. There’s also a pet that’s part of the rewards list.The Dread-Aurelian mask style page is easily acquired just by entering the dungeons. Scalebreaker can be bought or unlocked with the premium ESO subscription. All players who are premium subscribers get all the DLCs for free. Alternatively, you can buy it from the crown store. The launch date was not announced yet, but you can prepare to earn lots of ESO golds in this new DLC.