Elder Scrolls Online – Harrowstorm Preview

The 2020 Elder Scrolls Online adventure the Dark Heart of Skyrim begins with the Harrowstorm DLC. This is a dungeon DLC and it is set for release in February. The Las Vegas event revealed the next year-long ESO adventure. The waiting is not that long as just a few weeks separate us from the start of this new chapter. The DLC comes with two dungeons that will set in motion the main story.

Iceheach and Unhallowed Grave are the two new four-player dungeons. Icereach is an island in the Sea of Ghosts. This is where the Icereach Coven decided to set up its headquarters. The island is engulfed in terrible storms. It may be just a natural manifestation but can we really take any chances? Adventurers are tasked with the investigation of this place. If you dare set foot here, know that you must travel to Wrothgar. You will find the entrance on the northern side. Take the boat that will take you and your buddies to the dungeon.

The rewards include three item sets and one monster mask. Hiti’s Hearth is the light armor set. Titanborn Strength is the medium armor set and Bani’s Torment is the heavy armor set. You get bonuses for wearing two, three, four, and five pieces of the same armor. The first three bonuses increase various stats but the last bonus provides a nice healing, damage dealing, or tanking bonus. Mother Ciannait monster mask gives 1000 magicka to the wearer and a damage absorbing buff.

Unhallowed Grave is the other dungeon. It might be called a grave but this is no place of rest. What’s buried here craves to be free once again. It was the soldiers from the Bangkorai Garrison who trapped this evil here and ever since no one dared to step foot in here. Go southwest of the Fallen Wastes Dolmen and you will find the entrance to the dungeon.

Light, medium, and heavy armor set pieces drop in this dungeon. Draugrkin’s Grip is the light armor set, Aegis Caller is the medium armor set, and Grave Guardian is the heavy armor set. Just like the other dungeon’s sets, these too increase certain stats and give damage dealing bonuses and group damage mitigation. The Kjalnar’s Nightmare monster mask gives spell damage and places a debuff on the enemy.

Outfit styles, body markings, emote, and a new dye can be obtained as rewards for completing dungeon-related achievements. Furnishings and titles are available as well. The DLC is available in the crown store and it is also part of the ESO Plus subscription. Need more ESO gold? Visit U7BUY ESO store and you can find more reliable services!


(Contributed by Reda)