Are You Taking Part In Final Fantasy 14 Crystalline Conflict Season 1?

Did you know that U7Buy can supply you with Final Fantasy 14 gil at the best prices? Final Fantasy 14 Patch 6.1 adds a new PvP duty. The Crystalline Conflict is a five versus five scenario. It doesn’t have any role restrictions. This results in fast queues. Season 1 Crystalline Conflict has begun. Players earn rankings and rewards. Head to U7Buy if you want to buy Final Fantasy XIV gil! The ranking system features several tiers. Those who obtain high ranks get exclusive rewards.


Final Fantasy 14 Crystalline Conflict Season 1 Rewards

The Crystalline Conflict reward system gives prizes to the top 100 players from each data center. The rewards are received in the mail. The prize consists of trophy crystals and an item to customize the Adventurer Plate. Each tier gets a unique plate item. The Adventurer Plate is a new Patch 6.1 feature. It allows players to create a personalized profile for their Warrior of Light. The vouchers are used as currency. The NPC that sells items for these vouchers is located at the Wolves’ Den Pier. If you want more PvP prizes, don’t miss the GARO collaboration event. For a limited time, players can get items inspired by the GARO TV series. The rewards include a title, equipment, mounts, and achievements. The equipment is bought with Wolf Marks from the Disreputable Priest NPC at Wolves’ Den Pier. This currency is acquired by completing PvP duties. To obtain the title, you must equip the full armor set from this NPC. You also need a class weapon, however, expansion jobs make an exception. Talk to the NPC after equipping all the required items, and you will get a new title. Three mounts can be obtained during the event. They come as rewards for achievements. Make sure to activate the new title to be eligible to get the achievements. Fame Fatale achievement is unlocked at 30 Crystalline Conflict wins. Frontline Fury comes after 10 successful Frontline or Rival Wings campaigns. Furious Fatalities is yours if you obtain 60 combined wins in Frontline, Rival Wings, Feast, and Crystalline Conflict. GARO-inspired gear is also obtained in the Gold Saucer, however, you cannot use it to get the title. Crystalline Conflict is a small-scale PvP scenario for all players, no matter if they have PvP experience or not. Two teams of five members each fight to obtain a crystal and transport it to a specific location. You can play this game in The Volcanic Heart, Palaistra, and Cloud Nine.