What You Need to Know about the Dark Knight of Final Fantasy XIV

Dark Knight is one of the Final Fantasy XIV tank archetypes. This job was added to the game in the Heavensward expansion. Players that want to become Dark Knights must own the expansion and also complete the quests that allow them to enter the city of Ishgard. Players will find in the Forgotten Knight inn the NPC that starts the introductory quest to learn this job. Being a job, this means that Dark Knights will start at level 30 which you can get with FFXIV power leveling service online. They have no base class. As it’s expected, the job falls under the disciplines of war category.

Dark Knights are powerful characters who protect themselves with plate armor. Their weapon of choice is a greatsword. The role fulfilled by this job is the one of a tank who keeps monsters occupied allowing damage dealers to do their job. The most important stat for a Dark Knight is vitality. In combat, this job uses a combination of weapon skills, spells, and abilities to damage monsters and to maintain enmity. Combo effects boost enmity and damage. A couple of defensive abilities reduce damage. The Dark Knight has one ability that allows it to cheat death for a while.

The job gauge is called blood gauge. When they are fighting, Dark Knights gain a resource called blackblood. This resource is consumed to cast powerful abilities. One of these abilities is called Bloodspiller. It deals massive damage. Another ability that requires blackblood is Delirium. This ability restores MP. If the blood gauge symbol is glowing, this means that the stance called Grit is active. This is a defense stance that reduces both dealt and received damage and also boosts enmity. The offensive stance is called Darkside. In this stance, the player will deal more damage. Being in the offensive stance will impede MP regeneration. This stance is used for questing or adventuring. In a dungeon or raid where Dark Knights are required to tank, Grit stance should be active. Dark Knights are a viable tanking choice for end-game content. Before you start, get enough Final Fantasy XIV Gil for your Dark Knight.