The best players to trade and earn coins


Alejandro Gómez – Mediapunta – Atalanta

Series A is not usually a good market to trade, with very stable prices that make it difficult to obtain great benefits. However, this is not the case with Alejandro Gomez, an Argentinean attacker who has tremendous skills for his position, and a price that tends to vary a lot.

We speak of a player who has a 90 rhythm, an 88 in dribbling, 4 stars filigree and can participate both in the middle and by the bands. In any other league its price would skyrocket, but in A Series its highest average price was 36,000 coins. Currently you can find with a little patience for between 9,000 and 15,000 coins, and you can sell for a few thousand more. It does not provide as many benefits as previous letters, but it can be a good option to acquire in bulk, and wait for the market to increase its prices to sell again.

And well, that has been everything. We hope these players have been to your liking. Remember that this is just our opinion, which is based on the point of view of our expert FIFA 18 Ultimate Team players.

However, we would like to add that these tips for trading can serve you at first, since the amount of coins you generate will be very good for your beginnings in FIFA 18.

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