Russian World Cup and Nintendo Labo

Yes, we know … before we start bombarding with comments that our ideas of Nintendo Labo are implausible, we must say that they are: “simply ideas”. We are fans that love gaming and everything that implies. We like to develop brainstorms and imagine what the games would be like and their possible updates.

Lately, a topic that has given much to talk has been Nintendo Labo and the rumored World Mode of Russia FIFA 18 (which is no longer a rumor, since it was confirmed just this week). Since we know that this game mode will reach all consoles, including the Nintendo Switch, can you imagine what it would be like if Nintendo released Nintendo Labo templates for this game mode in FIFA 18?

Nintendo Labo: Russia edition

Oh, the mother country, Russia … Everything we know about Russia or rather, everything that comes to our mind when we hear that European country, is Vodka, tanks, Putin and videos of Fail Army, but that is about to change , since the World Cup will allow us to know more about that cold country.

How could Nintendo and EA take advantage of this beautiful opportunity? When creating different templates for Nintendo Labo. Maybe we could sing the Russian anthem on the piano or maybe we could put ourselves in the shoes of the players by controlling the cardboard robot attached to the Joy-Con of the Russian team.

Or, there could be some kind of tutorial to design the jerseys of the Russian team or, why not? of all the teams that will compete in the world cup. At last, fut 18 coins for sale are ready for this new mode and Russian World Cup. Come on Nintendo! Give us the opportunity to make a small cardboard football field. EA we beg you!