Runescape 2007 – How to use balloon traveling

Runescape 2007 has a system that gives players the chance to travel with a hot air balloon. There are six destinations that can be reached by balloon. This system is unlocked by completing quests and tasks. The quest that allows access to this system is called Enlightened Journey. It’s a members only quest so this means that the entire system can be used if players are subscribers. Players will be required to fly with the hot air balloon during the quest. The starting point is Entrana. The journey will take them to Taverley. Once the quest is finished, players can return to Entrana to unlock four more destinations. There are a couple of requirements to fly with a balloon. The carried weight must be lower than 40 kilograms. Players need to have a certain level in the firemaking skill, if you don’t, buy RS 2008 account is a quick and easy way. They also need some logs.

Players must fly to a location to uncover it. Flying the balloon is an actual task. Players take control of the balloon and use commands to safely navigate through obstacles. There are three screens that have to be completed. To pass through screens, players use commands to move. There are five commands: move up one space, move up two spaces, move down one space, move down two spaces, and move forward. Players can cancel the flight by using the bail command. The logs are lost if bail is used. The manual navigation is done only once for each destination. After players successfully reach it, they can travel to it as many time as they want without having to command the balloon again. Here are the firemaking and log requirements after unlocking the destinations. To reach Entrana and Taverley, players need 20 firemaking and one normal log. For the Crafting Guild destination, 30 skill level and one oak log are needed. A Varrock trip takes 40 skill and one willow log. To get to Castle Wars, players need 50 skill and one yew log. The Grand Tree is reached by those who have 60 skill and one magic log.

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