Rocket League – How to use the Tournament feature

Tournament is a Rocket League system for players that are interested in creating tournaments for their friends and for other players. This feature was not part of the original game release. It was added almost three years after the game debuted. It is pretty easy to set up a tournament. Players don’t need to download or use additional tools. They have what they need to create a tournament in the game menu. The first thing to do is to navigate to the Play Online option. The next selection is the one called Tournaments. To start a new tournament, the Create Tournament option must be accessed.

Create Tournament is the Rocket League items tool that has lots of options for designing a personalized competition. The bracket and tournament structure will be set up first. The minimum number of teams for a tournament is eight and the maximum number is 128 so players can create a small contest between friends or a large scale tournament. Another selection refers to the tournament rules. Players can choose any of the available game modes. Rules for the standard and the finals match can also be chosen. There might be situations when two teams have the same score so a tiebreaker rule must exist. Luckily, there is an option for a tiebreaker as well. To spice things up, mutators can be used. Normal modes are fun but when the ball has a different size or the gravity is more powerful than usual, the action is even more exciting. The arena selection allows creators to decide where games will be played. Just like with the mode selection, this option lets tournament creators use any arena they like. Players will also choose the start date for their tournament. Hosts have control over who can join their tournament. They can make it public or private.

Additional requirements can also be set. Regional restrictions can be applied to participants. The development team has big plans for the tournament system. They plan to gather users’ feedback and to keep expanding and improving it.

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