NBA Live Mobile – How to play with others in Season 2

NBA Live Mobile players that are taking part in Season 2 activities have two options when it comes to multiplayer. There is a competitive PvP mode called head to head. The other multiplayer mode is leagues. Both modes are accessed by tapping their buttons on the home screen. Head to head pits two players against each other. The two opponents compete in an asynchronous turn-based game. There are four rounds. Each player gets to control their team for two rounds.

When players are controlling their team, they will play against the enemy team controlled by the AI. The objective is to score as many points as possible during the rounds when you are in control. Fans are acquired when winning NBA Live Mobile matches against others. Players are placed in divisions depending on how many fans they’ve acquired. Players’ goal is to get to higher divisions to get more rewards out of these PvP games.

The second way to interact with others is by being a member of a league. These are player created associations that can have a maximum of 32 members. New players are advised to join an existing league instead of creating one. There are no level requirements to access the league menu. Players can open it from the main menu or from the League button on the home screen. Because the number of members is fixed, ideally all players are very active and contributing to the league’s rating.

Some leagues have joining requirements while others are willing to accept all players. League members can take part in one PvP mode called league versus league. Players from different leagues take part in matches just like in head to head mode. There are lots of unique rewards and achievements that can be won from league versus league tournaments. When taking part in league versus league, it’s very important for all members to be active. Players can check out the official NBA Live Mobile forums to find a league to join or to advertise their league.