Madden NFL 22 – Kyle Rudolph’s Impressive New Update

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With new ‘Vets’ Player Cards now storming their way into Madden NFL 22, one of them had just been revealed to be New York Giants’ indispensable tight end, Kyle Rudolph!




There have been plenty of new player cards that have already made their way into Madden NFL 22, and this time around, ‘Vets’ Player Cards are now the latest craze in the game!


A few new ‘Vets’ Player Cards have already been introduced, and one of them includes New York Giants’ spectacular tight end, Kyle Rudolph!


The 32-year old American gridiron player is a great alternative to call upon during offensive plays, culpable by his impressive new stats like:


(TE) Kyle Rudolph’s ‘Vets’ Player Card: OVR 92


  • Catching, CTH (Receiving): 93
  • Spectacular Catch, SPC (Receiving): 92
  • Stiff Arm, SFA (After the Catch): 92
  • Awareness, AWA (General): 92
  • Ball Carrier Vision, BCV (After the Catch): 91


Rudolph adopts the following player Archetype type in the game:


  • Vertical Threat


With great capabilities to boot on the field, Rudolph’s estimated price points on the Auction House are surely not going to be cheap:


  • Xbox – 123,000 MUT Coins
  • PlayStation – 109,000 MUT Coins


If you’re short on great tight ends on the team though, going the extra mile to recruit Rudolph into your Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) could definitely be worth the effort.


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