Jester’s Festival 2019 – Elder Scrolls Online

It’s March so this means that Elder Scrolls Online players are getting ready for this year’s Jester’s Festival. Players have the chance to take part in fun activities that reward them with collectible items and XP bonuses. To begin taking part in the event activities, players must first travel to the city of Daggerfall, Ebonheart, or Vulkhel Guard. Outside each city, they will find a jester dressed as the High King Emeric, Jorunn, or Queen Ayrenn. If this is your first time taking part in the event, you will need to complete a quick quest called The Jester’s Festival. The reward is an XP bonus item called the pie of misrule. This pie adds a two hours 100% XP bonus. If you have completed the quest on previous years, just look for the pie in the Memento menu. It is still there and ready to use. The buff is active throughout the event so this is a good time to buying Boost ESO.

The event has three daily quests that are picked up from the three jesters. Those who complete these dailies for the first time get a special reward box that can contain mementos, items that can be sold for gold, and a Cadwell collectible item. You can do the dailies each day but the special box is earned only one time. A normal reward box is obtained after getting the special one. The contents include many useful items and one item called the jester’s festival pie. These items can be placed on the quick bar and thrown at NPCs and players. There are some related achievements including a Cyrodiil achievement that requires killing 10 players covered in pie. The rewards for completing the achievements include two fun titles and a collectible. You can also get the last year’s achievements and unlock more titles and rewards. Rewards from dailies also include event tickets that can be spent on Indrik mount feathers. There’s also one Indrik pet that can be acquired with event tickets. Don’t forget to check out the crown store as there are some special items available to purchase. Buy ESO Gold cheapest online and join this event now. The event ends on April 2nd.