Items Used in H1Z1

H1Z1 has different types of items. The most used category of items is gear. Each character has several gear slots that allow for equipment to be used. When a certain slot is selected, players can see the owned items that can be equipped in that slot and also the skins for the item. Skins are cosmetic items that have no other purpose than to change the appearance of a piece of equipment. For example, players may own multiple T-shirt skins that will make their equipped T-shirt change colors or have a different design. Skins are obtained from crates, by taking part in different events, or when completing certain challenges. Weekend events that offer a chance to get rare skins for free are held pretty often. Armor is used by players to protect themselves against damage that is inflicted with weapons.

Melee weapons, bows, firearms, and explosives are used by players to take down their enemies. Baseball bats, machetes, knives, and shivs are part of the melee weapons category. A few types of bows such as the wooden bow and tinder blade crossbow can be used to deal ranged damage. Pistols, rifles, and shotguns are by far the most damaging weapons. Each category has plenty of choices. Ammunition is necessary for weapons. There are several types as each weapon category works with its own ammo. Explosives like grenades are used as well. At least four types of grenades are available.

The game also has crafting. Players are able to make weapons and other items. There are lots of items that can be crafted. For example, players can make wooden spears, land mines, honey, and framed backpacks. Materials are used for crafting. This category has many items. Consumables like food are also used by players. Medicine like antibiotics, painkillers, and vitamins are in the game as well. H1Z1 has vehicles so it’s only normal to have vehicle parts like batteries, motors, and different types of fuel. Tools like hammers, shovels, torches, and more are useful items in players’ arsenal.

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