Fouls and weird things that could escape you in Madden NFL 18

Here there are no meters, there are yards, and in total the field measures 120 that you must overcome to score your points. You have four chances to get ahead, otherwise you will have to shoot the ball as far as possible so that the opposing team starts its attack from there. If you get (or get) a touchdown, you will have the option of finishing on goal with a shot that must pass between the clubs and add one more point to your score.

There are 5 basic fouls that should worry you and that will make the game stop without you knowing very well what the hell just happened to get the ball off or sent a few yards back. They are the following:

Delay: You took too long to get the ball and you have to move five yards back as a penalty.

False start: You have sent your defenders for the ball before the opponent puts the ball in motion and you have five yards of penalty.

Hold: you can push or block the opposing team players, but never hold if they do not have the ball. This happens both defensively and offensively, but in the first case you will lose five yards and in the second ten.

Interference: if there is a missed pass your goal can only be to go for the ball, not attack the player who intends to intercept it. Once it is in your hands you can do what you want, but before that there can be no physical contact.

Personal: acknowledge it, it has gone out of your hands and you have knocked down the passer when you no longer have the ball, you have grabbed someone from the helmet or you have gone through the hardness of the tackle. In “Madden NFL 18” you should only worry about the first, but keep an eye on the 15 yards you will lose for that.

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