FIFA Mobile – What is Versus World Cup Mode?

Versus mode is a new multiplayer FIFA Mobile feature introduced in the World Cup event. This is one of the most competitive football events so players have the chance to test their skills in a new way. While the event is active, players will compete against each other in various ways. The regular VS Attack mode is still available. Players get paired according to the division they’re in and get rewards based on how they perform in the game. There are daily rewards that can be acquired from this mode. When playing primary VS Attack matches, players won’t face opponents from the same nation. Only 10 games of this type can be played per day. Each win grants a special pack.

Another way to compete against players in the World Cup event is to take part in featured and fantasy games. Featured matches are activities that are based on games from the real competition. Fantasy games are matches where opponents are nations that are not part of the World Cup. Players will be matched against opponents based on their nation. The matchmaking is done based on nations placement in groups in the World Cup. This system is updated once every eight hours to keep pace with the real events. The rewards for taking part in these games consist of core and exclusive players. There is also a tournament mode during the weekend. The tournament rules are the same from the gauntlet activity. Players need to pay the entry fee using FIFA Mobile coins or FIFA points. If players lose three games they are eliminated from the tournament, however, it’s possible to get back in using FIFA points. The team used for tournament games is the national team lineup. Games follow normal VS Attack rules. Playing in the tournament is a fantastic opportunity to get coins and World Cup related items such as skill boosts, players, and XP. There are also rewards that can be used outside of the World Cup. There are 25 maximum rewards that can be claimed. The tournament ends as soon as the player claims the rewards. The latest FIFA Mobile news about the World Cup event are posted on Twitter so make sure to follow the official account.