FIFA Mobile – How to progress in the new season

The new FIFA Mobile season came with some changes and additions regarding the advancement system. Quests are a new addition. Players will notice that achievements and objectives are no longer in the game. Instead, players will complete quests. A quest may have multiple objectives that are progressively unlocked. More objectives equal more rewards so this is a cool addition. There will also be event related quests so players will win more rewards from events. Team of the Week is one of the events that have been turned into quests. There are no more events of this type but there are quests that give players the chance to get Team of the Week footballers. Players will get one TotW football player from quests. The others are found in packs that are bought from the store. Each time players get a duplicate Team of the Week player, they will get more rewards. They can get Team of the Week and Player of the Month points. The Team of the Week points are spent for packs that contain one unique player.

Gems are another addition. Players get gems from various activities likes campaigns, events, and games against other players. The gems can be spent at the store for packs. The campaign feature received an update. Each campaign has more levels. When players finish all the campaigns, they get access to a new campaign once a week. The rewards for completing this campaign include campaign points that will be used to get packs. Team heroes is another activity that was changed. It now consists of three daily events. When players complete these events, they get crests and also a bonus pack. Crests work as currency for this activity. Players will exchange crests for player items needed for team heroes. Domination events allow players to get special football players. Neymar is the first obtained player. This event will be updated multiple times. Players will earn domination points that will be used in other ways.