FIFA 20 – What Exactly is Volta?

FIFA 20 has a most exciting feature. Starting on September 27th, players will have a new mode to enjoy. Volta mode has been a feature requested by the community. The developers listened and they decided to take advantage of the powers of the Frostbite game engine and implement this feature. Volta is street football but players shouldn’t mistake it for FIFA Street or Indoor. Street football hasn’t been in the EA FIFA series since FIFA 98. But now it is coming back stronger than ever.

Volta is an extremely complex mode. It has many features and provides players with a new way of enjoying the game. Character creation is an important part of the mode. FIFA Players have two choices: they can make a new character or choose one of the licensed players. There are many character creation options. As soon as players have a character, they can start playing.

But this is a new mode so they must learn the new rules. They will be happy to discover that Volta is less strict. There are no cards, no stamina, no fatigue, no offsides, no injuries, and no substitutions. This makes the Volta gameplay more casual.

There are different types of match types: rush keepers, street with keepers, and futsal. Environments support customization. For example, players can decide if they want walls on their stadium or not. Walls are not decorative, they can influence the match and its rules.

Players can also choose the size of the stadium. The ball in Volta is different than the one in the regular game. The ball interacts in different ways with the walls. Volta has lots of new rules. It’s a whole new game mode. Players will have to learn it and practice if they want to win games. Volta may be more casual but that doesn’t mean that it’s not a competitive mode. The Volta league allows players to compete in an organized environment. There’s even a story mode. We are sure that this new mode will be received very well by players. It may even surpass Ultimate Team. Who knows?

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