FIFA 20 – Ultimate Team Headliners Are Here

The new year brings a new collection of FIFA 20 Ultimate Team footballers. The Headliners set is dedicated to the most form players of 2020. These players show the most promise and everyone is watching them. The collection features dynamic item cards. They will receive permanent upgrades. Depending on how the footballers perform, their Headliner cards will get further upgrades as we progress into 2020. The first batch of Headliner players has 14 items. Salah, Vardy, Saul, Luis Alberto, and Lewandowski are some of the players selected to be part of the first group. More players will be released in batches.


But what exactly Headliner items are?

The event debuts with a selection of cards that have one in-form upgrade higher than their latest in-form. That means higher than Team of the Week, Hero, Team of the Group Stage, Man of the Month, or Record Breaker. The interesting part about these items is that they get upgraded throughout the lifespan of FIFA 20. Each time a player that is part of this set receives a performance-based in-form, the Headliner card will get an upgrade as well. This means that the Headliner item card will have one in-form ahead as long as the season is active.

Headliner items can also get permanent upgrades based on their club performance. This will happen in addition to the other upgrades if a certain condition is met. If the club the player is in gets four back to back wins, then the Headliner item gets the upgrade. This means that Headliners have the potential to become the best dynamic cards in the game. If the additional upgrade occurs, then the player is two in-forms ahead. A performance in-form is obtained based on the player’s accomplishment on the real football field. The aforementioned collections are performance in-forms. Take note that this collection does not take into consideration achievements such as Player of the Month, squad building challenges, and award winners. Event selections that take place in the game do not count as performance in-forms.


How do you obtain Headliners?

There are several ways. Footballers from the first batches are available in packs so look for them at the game store. Make sure to check out what’s happening in the game as well because there will also be squad building challenges and objectives that allow you to get Headliner players.

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(Contributed by Reda)