FIFA 20 – Team Of The Season So Far Objectives and SBC Players

Team of the Season So Far is a FIFA 20 program that honors the best players and performances of this season. It has the “So Far” appendage because the season is not over yet. It just on hold. This is normally the time of the year when we get the Team of the Season release but things aren’t normal right now. All we can do is adjust just like Team of the Season. There are several league-specific team releases.

The players that are found in these teams can be found in game packs available from the store. U7BUY also has those FIFA 20 players at the first time. There are also players released thorough TOTSSF-themed objectives and squad building challenges.

Reguilon comes from objectives. He is a 93 OVR left back with 96 pacing, 65 shooting, 88 passing, 91 dribbling, 90 defending, and 88 physical.

Mariano is another TOTSSF objectives player. This 89 OVR striker comes with 91 pacing, 93 shooting, 80 passing, 88 dribbling, 55 defending, and 87 physical.

Romarinho is another player obtained from objectives. He is an 89 OVR striker with the following attributes: 92 pacing, 88 shooting, 82 passing, 89 dribbling, 45 defending, and 79 physical.

Saul is a reward for completing TOTSSF squad building challenges. This is a 93 OVR center attacking midfielder that has 84 pacing, 87 shooting, 93 passing, 94 dribbling, 87 defending, and 88 physical.

Guanca has 89 OVR. He is a center midfielder with 93 pacing, 89 shooting, 82 passing, 90 dribbling, 72 defending, and 86 physical.

Flashback SBC Marcos Alonso gives players the chance to pick between two challenges. Both cards have left wing back position. One has 88 OVR with 80 pacing, 79 shooting, 86 passing, 88 dribbling, 87 defending, and 87 physical.The other one is 90 OVR with 88 pacing, 85 shooting, 91 passing, 93 dribbling, 90 defending, and 90 physical.

Diogo Jota is from player moments squad building challenges. He is an 89 OVR left forward with 93 pacing, 88 shooting, 83 passing, 94 dribbling, 60 defending, and 86 physical.

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(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)