FIFA 20 Penalty Tips

FIFA 20 is an awesome game that provides various difficulty levels. You can play the game casually and just have fun with Ultimate Team or playing friendly games with your buddies, but you can also step up your game by mastering the moves. Check out this small tutorial on how to do penalty kicks.

What you need to keep in mind is that no matter how good you might be, the success of a penalty kick also depends on the goalkeeper who is defending it. You might flawlessly perform a move and not achieve the desired result if the goalkeeper is just too good.

Take a look at the aiming indicator first. This shows you the direction of the ball. Hold the left stick at certain angles, and the indicator will point towards the top corners. This is not easy to do but you will get the hang of it eventually. If you are coming from offline matches and you think that there’s something wrong with the indicator, you are not completely wrong. The indicator is less precise when playing online.

Look at your player’s head as well. His head will point in the direction you are aiming. After you power up, his head returns to normal. It’s advised that you don’t aim before you power up. You will see that the indicator is surrounded by a white circle. To add more difficulty to the process, your shot can go anywhere in the circle.

Keep in mind that this depends on how much you power up and how much you move the indicator. Also, take into account that you don’t have indefinite time to move the indicator. It’s best that you press and hold the shoot button first. Don’t aim, just power up until a third of the bar is filled.

Check out what the player is doing and forget about the indicator for a while. When you see the non-shooting foot of your player on the grass, it’s time to aim into a corner. A common mistake is to put too much attention into aiming. Many players start aiming too soon. If you start aiming later, there are more chances of not taking the indicator out of the goal. This means that you will send the ball where it needs to be. When making penalty kicks, you should concentrate on timing first and aiming second.

The penalty’s success also depends on the player. Don’t get discouraged though, keep practicing and you will get better at it!

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(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)