FIFA 18 O PES 2018: Which Game Will “win” the Russia World Cup 2018?

The football world cup is the football event that every four years brings together thousands of people in the host country, millions on television and another large number in front of the consoles. That’s where they come to the field of play FIFA and PES, of EA Sports and Konami, respectively that maintain a dispute for being the most successful football video game.

A position that, by figures of sales, is of FIFA, with the most recent FIFA 2018, which could also keep the rights of the UEFA Champions League after the rescission of the agreement with the PES.

When the World Cup is a trend in social networks and the teams prepare the final details for the debut, this is what FIFA and PES bring to Russia 2018.

FIFA 2018: game update

EA Sports maintains the good relationship with FIFA and one of its great advantages over the PES are the licenses of the teams, a similar case as with the World Cup.

Although this year, contrary to what happened in 2002, 2006, 2010 and 2014, EA Sports will not publish an exclusive title about the World Cup; instead, FIFA 2018 owners can download a free expansion.

That update will include the 32 participating teams, the 12 tournament stadiums, uniforms and players that will participate in the event. It should be noted that, contrary to previous editions, there will be no possibility of playing the classification.

The Ultimate Team will also be able to see a renewed version for the Cup. The bad news is for players on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, who will not get the download.

PES 2018: uniforms and details

Without rights, although still with a solid base of players, mainly in South America, the title of Konami presented some new patches to boost the game of national teams.

Among those updates is the possibility of using the official uniforms and graphic improvements of the faces of the players that will attend the tournament, which provides even more detail, one of the great virtues of the PES.

Konami just announced the release of PES 2019, but not before giving details of the appearance of legendary players, such as “Socrates” and Roberto Carlos, as well as a special edition with David Beckham.