Are There Plans to Bring Madden NFL 19 to Switch?

When EA announced Madden NFL 19, it looked like it was only in development for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One; however, as it was revealed today that it will also reach PC, many believed that there was an opportunity to see it at Switch. Unfortunately, a port for the Nintendo console is not in plans.

In a recent talk with GameSpot on EA Play 2018, Ben Haumiller, producer of Madden 19, ruled out working on Madden 19 for Nintendo Switch. So, it is the second consecutive installment of the series to be outside the catalog of the hybrid console.

Now, NFL fans should know that EA is open to the possibility of bringing a future Madden NFL to Switch. The only condition for doing so is that the user base of the hybrid console grows enough to make sense.

In his own words:

“We always consider all platforms available. It is a decision about what is best for Madden and for us as EA, he said: ”You never rule out taking your game to the players, you want to be where everyone is. We never rule it out. We just do not have plans for now. ”

With this it seems that the reason why Electronic Arts has not brought Madden to Switch is because he believes he will not have the expected success in Switch. Recall that while FIFA is a worldwide phenomenon, the popularity of Madden NFL is only massive in the United States. So, if the hybrid console manages to capture a large part of the market in this country, it is likely that it will receive a delivery from Madden.

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